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Practicepvp Release!

Thorney15 aOWNER posted Aug 6, 17

Huge release on the server...

Well its finally here! We have now released our Practicepvp server with custom plugins and loads features for you to explore and love.

We can guarantee you we have the best cracked Practicepvp server out there, so get playing now we know you definitely wont regret it. So tell ALL your friends and lets all have an amazing time PVPing!

  • Custom made rankup system.
  • 15 different kit gamemodes inc party fights.
  • Global Elo & Stats system to compete against others.
  • Parties, 2vs2 & 3vs3.
  • Ranked & Unranked matches.

If you have any questions feel free to ask questions on the forums! Be sure to leave your feedback over on the forums as well!

Kitpvp Maps + Reset

Thorney15 aOWNER posted Jul 26, 17

Little update...

Hey guys, we have released 2 brand new Kitpvp maps for you guys & also reset all the stats, kits & coins for you to once again try hard at being the number #1 player! We hope you have fun on the little update. We will update you on more updates & releases in the future.

Map 1:

Map 2:

Right guys this ones big...

Hey everyone, we have now released a massive update for our most legendary gamemode to exist on MCpvpmasters. Packed with tones of new features and updates for all of you to once again enjoy Redstonepvp like you used to when the gamemode was first released.

1. Brand new custom map & 1vs1 arena - We have finally added a new and very good PVP based map for you guys to explore and battle against others, aswell as an amazing 1vs1 arena with more space and maybe a few dragons lurking!

2. New daily & weekly kits - We have altered the normal kit to make it a little more powerful than before and we have also added a even more powerful weekly kit to maybe try and kill them higher rated players.

3. Nerfed the donator kits & disabled stacked armor - Right we knew this was a big problem in the past and now we have sorted it, donator kits are way less OP and they now have to wait longer to be able to redeem their kits. Furthermore we knew stacked armor could be annoying and make combat less entertaining, we have now sorted this and armor can now NOT be stacked!

4. Now added new shops - New shops have now been added with different equipment & pricing, a brewing shop is now available to be able to craft and brew your own home made potions, how great!

There's many more features and updates for you guys to find for yourselves. We hope you have an amazing time on the new update and let us know what else we could maybe add or change over on the forums.

Server & Website changes!

New Server IP: play.mcpvpmasters.net

New donation site address: store.mcpvpmasters.net

Yet another staff promotion day has come and gone!

Congratulations tongue-out

To start things off, staff ranks have been updated / renamed. 

  • Moderator -> Helper
  • Helper -> Jr.Mod
  • Admin -> Sr.Mod
  • Staff -> Admin

The following list will be based on the UPDATED RANKS.

Helper Promotions

Austin123 : Member -> Helper

Desanic : Member -> Helper


Jr.Mod Promotions

BrandonDev2 : Member -> Jr.Mod

frog_cen : Member -> Jr.Mod

ThatWhiteGuy : Helper -> Jr.Mod


Sr.Mod Promotions

ProBoss19 : Jr.Mod -> Sr.Mod


Admin Promotions

Diafire : Sr.Mod -> Admin

Once again, congratulations to the new / promoted staff!  Make sure to congratulate them in game.

XipherGaming aCO-OWNER I'd like to say welcome to the staff team to frog_cen, BrandonDev2, Desanic, and Austin123 and I wish them the best...

Factions 2.0 is LIVE

Total4Tune aADMIN posted May 31, 17

It's back... but harder!

Image result for factions 2.0 minecraft

Due to various flaws and general issues in the previous season of Factions, we have relaunched the gamemode with minor / major updates.

It was fairly noticeable that Factions had lost it's main objective of PvP and Raiding. Instead, what seemed to be an action packed PvP gamemode turned out to be akin Skyblock. PvP aspects of the game were severly diminished, as PvE was the main source of wealth.


+ Abilities are added in. Use /abilities to check out the new custom abilities bought with in-game money. These abilities will help players PvP and find special items depending on the ability upgraded.

+ Rankup prices are increased to encourage competition

+ Spawner prices are TRIPLED compared to Season 1

+ Kits have been adjusted so that there are more creeper eggs and less enchanted golden apples. Get them yourself :)

- Custom maps are now GONE. No need to run around looking for Desert Temples loaded with gold blocks or Custom Houses loaded with Books and Golden Apples! Also this fixed the issue of Apples being ever so rare.

- Xpbottle plugin has been removed due to a glitch. Instead /xp has been fixed and you can now view your own level.

- 12.5k block world border.

- Removed certain glitchy custom enchants.
We hope you enjoy this season of Factions! Remember to report glitches or bugs on the forums. GOOD LUCK!
so you actually read this far...   :^)
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