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Factions 2.0 is LIVE

Total4Tune aSTAFF posted May 31, 17

It's back... but harder!

Image result for factions 2.0 minecraft

Due to various flaws and general issues in the previous season of Factions, we have relaunched the gamemode with minor / major updates.

It was fairly noticeable that Factions had lost it's main objective of PvP and Raiding. Instead, what seemed to be an action packed PvP gamemode turned out to be akin Skyblock. PvP aspects of the game were severly diminished, as PvE was the main source of wealth.


+ Abilities are added in. Use /abilities to check out the new custom abilities bought with in-game money. These abilities will help players PvP and find special items depending on the ability upgraded.

+ Rankup prices are increased to encourage competition

+ Spawner prices are TRIPLED compared to Season 1

+ Kits have been adjusted so that there are more creeper eggs and less enchanted golden apples. Get them yourself :)

- Custom maps are now GONE. No need to run around looking for Desert Temples loaded with gold blocks or Custom Houses loaded with Books and Golden Apples! Also this fixed the issue of Apples being ever so rare.

- Xpbottle plugin has been removed due to a glitch. Instead /xp has been fixed and you can now view your own level.

- 12.5k block world border.

- Removed certain glitchy custom enchants.
We hope you enjoy this season of Factions! Remember to report glitches or bugs on the forums. GOOD LUCK!
so you actually read this far...   :^)


Diafire aADMIN posted Apr 25, 17

It's here!

(Although the update post is really late...)

To start things off, we have a completely new, custom map! Get ready to explore biomes you've never seen before with awesome loot scattered throughout the map. That's not all though...

Custom enchantments! Yep, you read that right. We have several custom enchantments in game that add in a completely new aspect to PvP. Of course, there aren't just pvp related enchants. Good luck discovering them all!

Even more stuff:

- Faction wars! Battle your members against another faction in an enclosed arena with preset kits. Will you faction be at the top of the leaderboards? (/f war)

- McMMO (Self explanatory)

- 25k block world border (Race for border claims?)

- Spawn at 0,0 (Also accessable via /spawn)

Be sure to leave your feedback here and in the Factions forum section.

Good luck everyone!

~ Diafire

P.s. Typing this on a phone was a pain but hey... at least it's done!

Skypvp Map Update!

Diafire aADMIN posted Mar 18, 17

Ay... new map!

As of yesterday, we have released a brand new map for our ever popular gamemode Skypvp!

This map has much fewer islands, keeping everyone in a tighter area. Each island, however, has more area to pvp on. Good luck not falling in the void! Be sure to leave your feedback here.

Map Preview:

Staff Promotions!

Diafire aADMIN posted Mar 18, 17

Another staff promotion day has come and gone!

Congratulations to the new Staff members who got chosen as moderator!
Also congratulations to the existing Staff members who have been promoted.

Moderator Promotions

  • Naal13 : Member -> Moderator
  • Carly319 : Member -> Moderator
  • ThatWhiteGuy : Member -> Moderator
  • Deao : Builder -> Moderator


Helper Promotions

howdoisignin : Moderator -> Helper


Admin Promotions

Diafire : Helper -> Admin


Staff Promotions

Total4Tune : Admin -> Staff


... and that's it for today! We hope they do very well on our team and help grow our community. Be sure to congratulate them in game!

Full post here.

Survival Revamp! + other updates!

Diafire aADMIN posted Mar 13, 17

Hi everyone!

It's been another week with amazing updates for you all! Lets jump right into it.

1. Survival Revamp

As you all probably know by now, we released a huge update to the survival gamemode. This includes a full reset, a beautiful custom world, land claiming, donor pets, and custom mobs! Get ready to explore tons of new terrain that you've never seen before! Beware though, the custom mobs may seem easy but they're quite the hassle to beat.... They're identifiable by a fiery particle effect around them. Good luck!

Why reset items though? Well to answer that, we want a fresh start for everyone. We don't want players with OP items going around while new players have to work extremely hard to get to that point.

2. Prison/SkyBlock Version Support

Our very popular gamemodes, prison and skyblock, can now be joined with any version now! It used to be restricted to 1.8 clients only due to some features, but now that it's fixed, 1.5.2 - 1.8.9 clients can play. Have fun!

As always, leave your feedback on this thread. We hope you enjoy these updates!
~ Dia

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