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Rushpvp Revamp!

Diafire aADMIN posted Oct 30, 17

Rushpvp 2.0!

Will your strategy prevail?


- Amazing new map with a style // Many more paths to choose from... Where will you decide you lead your team to try and snatch that flag?

- A much better PvP experience allowing to you enjoy the war much more!

- Updated shops // Enderpearls removed! Find new and other adventurous ways to capture the flag oppositing teams flag.

- New spawn // Be sure to thank our wonderful builders for the builds they've made for us and you should be seeing much more from them soon.

Come play now check out the brand new update now and lead your team to victory!

IP: play.mcpvpmasters.net

Skyblock Revamp!

Total4Tune aADMIN posted Oct 19, 17


Our most anticipated update has finally come! We present to you a complete new look and feel to the beloved Skyblock gamemode we've had for years.

Here's our entire update log!

- Brand new economy // Our old economy was quite unbalanced and needed much work to decrease the gap between the ranked and unranked players. After hours of work, our team brings you that balanced economy the gamemode so desperately needed. With better spawner and item prices, we hope everyone has a fair shot at being the top island.

- Upgrades menu // Access this via /upgrades. You can purchase upgrades to your starter. Island size, max amount of team members and get more homes (/home). A little something extra for you all to spend money on...

- Crates // Who doesn't love some good ol case openings? Open one, two or all three of our crates at spawn!

- New Island Types // There are now a bunch more starter islands, start off with the basic one. As you gain money you can choose harder types of islands to conquer!

- Bartender // Cause we all love to try and get lucky once in a while.

- Full Reset // A fresh new start for everyone out there, allowing you to work to be at the top of the leaderboard once again.

- Griefed? // Admins and higher can now see block history!

- New Spawn & PvP Arena // Thanks to our extremely talented builders. We now have a fantastic new spawn, shop and pvp arena for you guys to explore!

Hope to see you online and we all hope you love the new update! 

IP: play.mcpvpmasters.net

Prison Revamp!

Diafire aADMIN posted Sep 17, 17

Welcome back prisoners!

Another painful, back breaking season of prison is here! Prepare yourselves for an all new experience. The old prison is no more, in its place stands a much more grueling one. Are you up to break out?


- A whole new experience to the classic Prison gamemode

- Updated shop prices and mines! The economy will be a lot more stable now and it's harder to rankup.

- Gambling at our Bar!

- New kits! (Including Lord, Titan, and Legacy)

- Updated crates! You can get tons more items and access to features from there now, especially from the whole new Prestige chest!

- Vote Parties! Every 50 votes, we'll be having a vote party! Be sure to vote every day on all our links to make this happen as often as possible.

See you in jail! Be sure to leave your comments here and make suggestions and report bugs over on the forums.

~ Dia

Bedwars release!

Thorney15 aOWNER posted Aug 20, 17

Bedwars has now been opened!

Our long awaited BEDWARS is now here!

We have now released the legendary bedwars on MCpvpmasters! Try & battle your way to the top of the leader-board in this intense teamed or solo island PVP based game-mode. Various modes allowing you to play in a double team or even a team of four. If you ain't feeling that you can fight alone really testing your one man PVP skills. Protect your bed at all costs and wipe out the enemy players while in the meantime trying to destroy their beds which stops them from respawning. Make sure to upgrade your base & armour to keep up in the battle against the other warriors!

If you have any questions make sure to create a thread on the Bedwars forum.

Practicepvp Release!

Thorney15 aOWNER posted Aug 6, 17

Huge release on the server...

Well its finally here! We have now released our Practicepvp server with custom plugins and loads features for you to explore and love.

We can guarantee you we have the best cracked Practicepvp server out there, so get playing now we know you definitely wont regret it. So tell ALL your friends and lets all have an amazing time PVPing!

  • Custom made rankup system.
  • 15 different kit gamemodes inc party fights.
  • Global Elo & Stats system to compete against others.
  • Parties, 2vs2 & 3vs3.
  • Ranked & Unranked matches.

If you have any questions feel free to ask questions on the forums! Be sure to leave your feedback over on the forums as well!

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