Welcome to the Helper Applications information thread!

This thread goes over what you need to be a Helper, and the application layout for when you apply yourself.
Bear in mind that you may only submit ONE application at a time. To submit another, you must wait until the first one is closed (a.k.a denied).

Without further ado...

Requirements to Apply
Failure to comply with these will result in an instant denial on your application.
  • Be active on the server, and preferably in more than one gamemode
  • Don't have any recent punishments for cheating (i.e. Hacking)
  • Do not have another person know your account's password

Some tips for applying. . .
  • Be known around the server, the more people that know you (for a good reason), the better. It's especially good if you're active in several gamemodes.
  • Have some friends on the staff team! Who knows who will give you a good recommendation? (but don't ask any of us to recommend you)
  • Try to help others when you can, whether it's answering simple questions or reporting a hacker, every bit counts.
  • Know the rules well, you will be using this knowledge quite often.
  • Be professional in your application. Write in complete sentences where you can and refrain from using emoticons, slang, and texting language. Also make your application look nice.

Apply at this link! mcpvpmasters.net/helperapplication
(You must have a registered forum account to apply)

... and that's it! Good luck with your application and we look forward to reading it.
* Spam posting applications will result in a forum ban. Only submit one application at a time, and wait until it's been accepted or denied.