MCpvpmasters Official Rules

Full list of rules and punishments:

Simplified Network Rules

If you have any complaints of a rule / member / staff, don't rant in game to cause unnecessary drama. Create a post on the forums; it would be dealt with seriously!

Chat Rules

- Don't spam.
- Don't be racist.
- Respect all players on the server.
- Don't use inappropriate language or be toxic.
- Don't threat anyone in any shape or form.
- Don't try to argue with a staff member and make problems only larger.
- Don't encourage suicide or self harm in any shape or form.
- Don't advertise content that isn't related to MCpvpmasters. (Links / IPs etc).
- Don't impersonate a member of staff.
- Don't ask for free ranks or staff ranks.
- Don't lie to staff or falsify evidence.

General Rules

- Don't use a hacked client, or any illegal modification to the Minecraft client.
- Don't log off or refuse a ScreenShare when frozen.
- Don't use any type of bots or illegal automated processes on the server.
- Don't access other players' accounts without permission.
- Don't abuse / promote glitches for your own benefit. Report it to a Staff immediately.
- Don't give out personal information of others.
- Don't grief.
- Don't scam others in any shape or form.
- Don't participate in any sort of illegal activity (DDoS / Dox etc).
- Don't abuse alts for stats boosting / farming.
- Don't team in Solo matches or cross-team in Team matches.
- Don't participate in duping. This ruins the game for everyone.
- Be aware Staff hold the right to alter punishments depending on the severity of the offence.