mefe2006 report

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Your IGN (In game name): Stylish_PvP

IGN of person you are reporting: mefe2006

Gamemode/Server: Bedwars

Reason for report: Disrespect

Evidence (screenshot/video):
Posted Mar 17, 18 · OP
frog_cen JR.MOD
Please note the rule below:
➢ Excessive swearing
# We allow players to use general, less offensive swears on our server. However,
you are not allowed to use excessive vulgar language towards a player or
something. Although we allow you to use some language at each other or to
describe things and situations to a degree, abuse of this leniency will result in a
warning for either bullying/harassment or excessive swearing. Light PvP banter is
allowed as well (Ex. “C’mon pussy fight me”’ “You kill me you bitch”) anything
that is outside of PvP and is directed to a player will result in a direct mute if it is
seen as excessive.
Our server allows swearing to a certain extend.
The proof you provided only shows him saying the word "bitch" and is also cropped it would also help if you get give the full view of the screenshot for us to know under what circumstance he swears
Thank you for reporting
Player will not be punished unless provided with more proof.
Posted Mar 18, 18
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