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IGN: Katzz_

I am reporting DiaFire


I believe i deserved my punishment, However, DinoLuci, shouldve also been punished. I find that he is bias af as this has happened on several occasions. He muted me for "unwanted drama" however she also continuted the "drama" by swearing in arabic which i then responded too and was muted for. She wasn't muted.[img][/img]I tried to sort out this issue while we were both on the server but he continued to be ignorant and insisted that we sorted this on forums which makes no sense to me because EVENTUALLY IT WILL HAVE TO BE SORTED ON THE SERVER. This led me to go through a 500 hour long process of creating a dutty account on this website. I have been let down on numerous occasions by this member of ass.

I would kindly suggest that diafire doesnt review this since his fingers lead him to automatically be bias and he has selective reading in which he only views my swearing and not others.
Posted May 13, 18 · OP · Last edited May 13, 18
Diafire as an admin can change the rules and punish how he feels necessary in the moment. This information can be found in the first to point in the disclaimer part of the rules.
I agree with Diafires punishment as you clearly by the image you provided were being more hostile.
Diafire was not abusing his permissions in any way.
Posted May 13, 18
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