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Season 3 is here!
The update you’ve guys have been waiting for is finally here, with a brand-new makeover!


Let’s start off by listing some disclaimers:

  1. Sell Sticks are now a seasonal subscription purchase. We are sorry for any purchases that have been made without any notification. You will have a month left with the sell stick then you’ll have to pay to use it for the rest of the season. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.
  2. Donators only have access to their current rank kits and not the previous ones. For example, Premium+ members can only use Premium+ kits and commands they’ve purchased. We considered this to be a bug on our server and sorry for any confusion.
  3. Mid-Season patches will now be in season rotation. This is to ensure prices are balanced and the quality of the game is perfect for the players. There will be downtime when the patches take place; however, these should not take long, on average it would take 10-15 minutes.

Now with the juicy stuff! There’s a lot of changes this season and some of them may upset you, but it’s for the better good.

  • Lots of bug fixes!
  • We’ve gotten a lot of feedback and reports of bugs that you’ve guys found, and we are extremely grateful for you guys reporting them to the staff team. Remember Mid-Season patches are going on so any more bugs you find will still be patched!

  • A new updated and balanced shop!
  • We’ve noticed the meta has stayed the same for as long as Skyblock has been up. We decided to change that and start brand new, there was a lot of changes to the way you make money now. Money will be a bit more of a grind, but it will pay off in the end! If you have any feedback about nerfs or buffs to some of prices be sure to make a forum post or say something on our discord server!

  • Island upgrades/Team sizes
  • We figured that the best way to balance out Skyblock is to nerf some of the Skyblock Upgrades and make them harder to get. For example, people would make an island and be able to have 8 people on that island on the first day. (Talking to you Brandon). We figured that was too powerful and it was unfair to the non-ranks, so now the limit has been set to 6 people at most to one island.

  • Brand new Tags!
  • Tags have been added to Skyblock for those overachievers and those looking to show off. You can get them by events, crates, or from our store! Be sure to check them out!

  • Tutorial Island!
  • Having trouble trying to make an island? Having trouble on how to make money? Well don’t you worry Tutorial island is here! This island is right next to spawn and showcases grinders, generators and farms! Be sure to check out the island if you need help with anything.

  • Brand new Islands!
  • We figured the old islands was bland and boring. So, we’ve added lots of custom islands for the people seeking a brand-new experience. Don’t worry the original island will be added in a later patch for anyone looking for that nostalgic feeling.

  • Brand new spawn!
  • Spawn is looking fancier then ever! Be sure to check out the work of the build team!

  • Brand new PvP Zone!
  • PvP in Skyblock seems to be a common suggestion between the players who love to PvP. We added a new map that satisfies those needs of those bloody hungry pvpers. Be sure to check it out for yourself!

  • Altered kits
  • We’ve decided that almost every kit needed a balance change. This includes in-game kits and donor kits. Be sure to check out the new changes on the Skyblock server!

  • KOTH Events!
  • KOTH Events have been added!We hope you enjoy this brand new season of SkyBlock! Remember to leave your feedback on our SkyBlock forum so we can alter and fix things as needed.
-Sincerly GhettoMan777
~ Dia

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How Much Levels Do Diamond, Emerald, Gold, And Iron Blocks Give In SkyBlock
Posted May 29, 18
Hold them in your hand and go to your island and type the command /is value
Ya boi
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