-= Creative Update =-
Place more blocks, but with passion...

Our classical gamemode Creative is back with more features than ever before!

Member rank add-ons:
- Increased Plot Size - 87x87 plot size allowing you to create huge builds.
- Brand New Spawn - New spawn featuring NPC's to navigate your way round the server easily.
- Earnable Tags - Get custom tags submitting great builds on our website which are approved by our build team.
- Trails - Can be obtained from the trails crate, keys are obtained from vote parties.
- Banner Maker - Create custom banners like never before. 

Premium rank add-ons: 
- Furniture - Custom blocks which replicate different real life furniture / decorations.
- Trails - Half of the trails unlocked by default allowing you to stand out from other players.
- Disguise - Disguise as any animals or certain blocks to look cool!
- Head Database - Access to a GUI with over 14 thousand custom building heads.

New Premium+ rank: 
- Access to VoxelSniper - Allowing you to do huge terrain builds, this is for you build nerds out there.
- Access to 10 plots - Gain more plots allowing to make bigger builds than ever.
- Access to merge 10 plots - Merging plots is the key to making huge builds, now you can merge 10 plots.
- Coloured Signs - You can now make them colourful signs to show off. 

Hope you all have great fun! We look forward to seeing your amazing builds.