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Hello MCPVPMasters, today Im reporting a Staff & Also a member that disrespected me & my brother. The staff is : BrandonDev2, He wrote sexual stuff about me & my brother on a book, and showed to all the server members, I ALSO GOT Told that everybody were laughing at me. The main cause of this is the user KingBow who encouraged BrandonDev2 to do this & he also payed him, Kingbow wanted everybody to laugh at me, he is one of biggest jealous people I know, he also payed brandondev2 to encourage him to do this. (3 Million cash skyblock)

This thread is special to Total4Tune, Diafire & Thorney. I wish one of them could answer me and punish this Non-Respectful staff.

NOTE: The book contains 18+ content & sexual stuff.

Here are screenshots of the book. (proof):

Please make sure to check the proof. & Im hoping that you guys at least give a warn to this staff, because what he did is really vulgar, In my opinion, when People tell him to do that. He should tell them "No" and warn them about what they said. Not be with them & do shit stuff. Because he is a staff & he must never brea rules or say (sexual) stuff. He really dissapointed me. They also said its a joke, but its isnt. it was real, & they showed to all the server.

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Before I say anything, I deeply regret the decision to make those vulgar books and I deeply apologize, I never knew that members will be actually affected by my books, All I thought about is myself and nobody else while writing these books, Never again that I'll write these kind of inappropriate stuff.

I publicly admit that I wrote these books, Thinking that they will be only for fun and not for personal hatred, If you can give me a second chance of my worthlessness, I'll surely be happy, Being a staff is all about helping members in need of help, Guiding new members and removing hackers, This act of mine, Isn't a work of a staff, It's a work of a rule breaker.

Once again, I deeply apologize and that I promise I'll never make any of these stuff again, Even through people will pay me to do so, I won't get my mindset get control of me again, As it'll embarrass the other staffs, My friends, and people who knew me well, I'll try to make it up with you.

- BrandonDev2
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DinoDia aADMIN
Hello BlazeKing,

Thank you for reporting. I deeply apologize for the actions of this staff member and that you had to deal with this. I have talked to him about this and he has come to the clear understanding that this behavior is completely unacceptable. I do hope you take his apology with a good heart as he is sorry for his actions.

Should anything like this happen in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me or another Administrator. We also have staff reports available on our support tickets if you would like to have them dealt with in private (

Once again, I am sorry that you had to deal with this situation.
~ Diafire

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