Ban Appeal by Daaniiel

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Your Username: Daaniiel
Punished by (Leave blank if unknown): AaDantsi
Gamemode you are banned from: The entire server
Punishment reason: Griefing
Punishment date: 18/06/2018
Why you should be unbanned: I got banned because people thought that I stole igs, but I didnt, Well here is the full story
I asked my friend Kanha_J to get for me a KitPVP Premium rank, It was my dream to & he did, he asked me what will I give for him in return, I asked him to propose, he proposed 5 igs & 20 mil everyday till he ranks up to skymasters, It was so hard for me, I sold all our iron on our island in skyblock to purchase igs & give them to Kanha, But the problem is that, Moderators/Users though that I stole them from the IG Farm & broke them, Yes, I admit it I broke 3 igs from the farm, but the Igs row that I broke was mine, I bought all of it, & I bought all the igs that I made, I dont know if there is a way to know who places/breaks blocks, But I swear I break & give my stuff, & I never gave to someone else Riking's (My island owner) Stuff or any other island member items without their permission, Well this is the full story.
I hope I get unbanned, & If so I did a mistake, Im so sorry , I will try to never break rules & do mistakes! I deeply apologize for my actions, I was forced to give to Kanha Igs because he used real money for me, Which I appreciate so much!
I apologize again!
Any proof to prove yourself innocent (screenshots / recordings): I sincerly dont have any proof, maybe any mod/admin can use a block history command or any command that detects who breaks/place blocks to prove that I broke my Igs that I bought & not peoples one!
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Total4Tune aBOT
Not sure why the story changed, compared to your previous appeal. Lying to staff (especially on an appeal) isn't appreciated. I hope you knew this.

If your appeal was denied, please do not appeal again as it won't get you any further. You've admitted to your own act of stealing spawners / griefing. Upon denying your previous appeal, we have discussed about the issues and came up with the decision to deny it. Also from looking at your punishment history; which doesn't look too pretty, we have decided to deny your appeal and keep your ban the way it is as plenty of chances were given, only to be wasted by yourself.

Please purchase an unban from our store, if you wish to play on the server again. Do not post another appeal as it will lead to a forums ban.

Appeal Denied.
Total4Tune | Part time weird ass Administrator on MCpvpmasters Network
Posted Jun 19, 18
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