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So long story short is i was tp'd in someones base After being there for awhile they placed a sign that said "nigger" And me being mixed with black and white i took offense from it so i started hitting them with steak. They started crying asking me to leave which i didnt because why would i was tped there legitly and it wasnt even a claimed base.Awhile later another user started spawn killing them in their base and i was blamed for this when i killed them one time. And after i asked why i was being blamed the staff said " I sat there and watched you kill sicness" But i killed sicness one time. And that was after she had hit me.
Posted Jun 20, 18 · OP
As you stated I watched you for a solid 10-20 minutes taking part in trolling and killing "sicness" & "jimmydarat1".
They asked you to leave several times, you wouldn't listen.
There is evidence in the chat logs of this happening. I warned you on several occasions to leave them be before banning you, you wouldn't listen and I enforced the rule.

As for your friend "thedimondapple" when he was told to stop killing & annoying them he stopped.
You continued & we know how that ended up.
You were clearly misinformed of the rules of the survival server as nothing states that griefing is allowed.
In factions raiding and griefing is allowed but not in survival, that is why they are separate.

As for the sign that said the n word I never saw it so I have no way of knowing who placed it if it even is real. If you were offended by the sign, I understand why but "hitting them with steak", annoying them when they asked you to leave & killing them and taking their items is not the correct way to go. The supposed sign was not a reason for you to start annoying them which would eventually lead to you griefing and breaking rules.
I'd like to add that you stated "I have a home set at your base so I can raid you and kill you anytime".
The punishment will stay.
Thankyou for appealing.

Appeal Denied.
Posted Jun 20, 18
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