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Hello MCpvpmasters! I need help & the only person that I know that can help me is Diafire. Im also waiting answers from other staffs, I wanted to post this thread on the forum to get more answers that why I didnt send this message on discord!

Well, Me & My friend Private998 made a huge build on skyblock (decoration) in the sky, But we made it in the middle of the island & we regretted because we are going to build a spawn down & its all dark & mobs spawns alot!
So I need help of someone opped in the MCpvpmasters network to help me & move the build a little bit to the left of my island
& By the way I have a huge space in the right due to my purchasing the 200x200x200 Island size upgrade!
I know that this is unfair to other players! But its really urgent! Its really a huge build & with iron blocks all! So If i break it I will lose a huge amount of iron blocks + Its will take a while! Please Diafire or any other staff! I wish that you guys can help me & use world edit to move my build to the left! Its will take a while if I break it & Im gonna lose lot of iron blocks! Also!
I know that this is my fault building this on the middle! I apologize... Also my friend took him 24 hours to build it (Its is half-built)

Im so sorry, I know its unfair for other players But breaking it will make me lose lot of iron blocks + a while to finish breaking it!

Thank you!

Posted Jun 21, 18 · OP
As you stated yourself it would be an huge unfair advantage and thats why we wont help you with world edit. I'm sorry but yeah, good luck xD. Btw, see it as a lesson and plan your build beforehand.

Posted Jun 23, 18
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