They banned from survival

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Your Username: Goros777

Punished by (Leave blank if unknown): Xiphergaming

Gamemode you are banned from: Survival

Punishment reason: Bypassing grief protection, abusing alts after being punisshed

Punishment date: 15 de Marzo del 2018

Why you should be unbanned: Hola, perdon por ser tan insistente pero la verdad que survival es la modalidad que mas me gusta y a la que mas tiempo le dedico, hasta junte tokens para comprar el kit ELITE. Pero como ya dije
cuando xiphergaming me banneo me apareció un menú en el cual había una palanca y un TNT y yo al no hablar ingles tuve que traducir lo que decía cada una, lo que me llevo mucho tiempo y me bannearon por evadir el duelo. No fue que yo lo evadí solo estaba traduciendo.
Por favor les pido si pueden considerar mi petición y sacarme la prohibición, ya han pasado 4 meses de que me prohibieron.
Posted Jul 6, 18 · OP
frog_cen JR.MOD
Hey! It be much appreciated if you could appeal in English,would help us save a lot of trouble.
High With Cocaine
Posted Jul 9, 18 · Last edited Jul 9, 18
frog_cen JR.MOD
Forwarded appeal to admins
Adding translation :
Why you should be unbanned: Hello, sorry for being so insistent but the truth is that survival is the modality that I like the most and to which I dedicate the most time, until I join tokens to buy the ELITE kit. But as I said

when xiphergaming banned me a menu appeared in which there was a lever and a TNT and I did not speak English had to translate what each said, which took me a long time and banned me for avoiding the duel. It was not that I evaded him I was just translating.

Please ask them if they can consider my request and take out the prohibition, it has been 4 months since they forbade me.
High With Cocaine
Posted Jul 9, 18
Your appeal has been discussed with an admin and we're gonna give you a chance, therefore you are unbanned. Do not break the rules again if you had in the past. Link to rules:

Spanish (translated from google/
traducido de google
Su apelación ha sido discutida con un administrador y le daremos una oportunidad, por lo tanto no está censurado. No rompa las reglas nuevamente si lo hizo en el pasado. Enlace a las reglas:

Appeal Accepted/
apelación aceptada

Posted Jul 10, 18
AaDantsi SR.MOD
didnt even lock it smh
Dantsi is my name. Bowspam is my game :p
Posted Jul 30, 18
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