Having fun with some dispensers... Tier IV punishment...

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Username: DiegoPlays_YT
Punished by: aaDantsi
Gamemode: Creative
Punished reason (supposedly): Inappropiate Builds (building a relatively slow redstone clock on a machine that throw arrows)
Punishment date: 18/7/2018 in America, 19/7/2018 in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania
Why I should be unbanned/Why the ban time should be reduced:

To say why it should be reduced I need to start from... The beggining.

I was bored in Creative, so, I did tpa to someone (GeoBilder) to know what he was doing. He accepted my tpa and I appeared on a plot that had, written "GEOBILDERGAY" with an anvil construction. I saw him saying to the plot owner (Zeynah) that he was going to report the plot (and i thought he was just joking, because I saw the owner deleting the leters "G" and "A" to have "GEOBILDER Y?", a message that could be understood as "Why?", and because the owner plot hadn't been banned at the moment). Some time later (maybe 15min, maybe 30min, idk), I was trying to trade a sword with someone (Ellegant), and Zeynah said in general chat to me something related to "come to my plot to see something funny" (idk the exactly words, but it was something like that), so I came there and I saw 9 dispensers connected to a redstone torch clock, that was shooting fire charges to the sky (more or less something like this). At the image u can see that it was cool to see (or at least for me :v), but the fire charge animation was bugged, so I suggered it could be better with arrows (specially when they fall to the air). Zeynah changed it and said in general chat to do tpa to see an arrow show, nobody came in to see it, and then Zeynah called the 2 staff that were online to see it (DinoLuci and aaDantsi). When they saw it (some seconds later) they said to turn it off because it could lag the server (I agree with it, because after less than a minute it could have been like this). We turned it off and aaDantsi said to break the clock too (and idk why Zeynah didn't want to break it, so i did another clock with hoppers, that was slower and could make it more enjoyable to see and wouldn't lag that much, u can see how could it be here and how was the last clock). Zeynah denied and undenied both of the staff members from the plot some times (i said by msg to not to do that, and then Zeynah stopped), and DinoLuci kept watching, or at least her user was there, moving sometimes and reading what we were writing on /plot chat (i don't remember what were we writing, but DinoLuci reacted to it).

We didn't have any warning after the words of aaDantsi. DinoLuci said that we both (me and Zeynah) were going to be banned. Zeynah started to break the redstone machine. I kept surprised, asking why should we be banned, but it happened. We both, got banned by "Inappropiate builds", 7 days for me, and Zeynah 4 weeks and 2 days.

7 days ban, for doing a hopper redstone clock, and breaking redstone of the machine every time that Zeynah turned it on after the aaDantsi warning.

I don't really know, if they knew that I just did the slower clock when i got banned. Sometimes I think that maybe they thought that I helped to do the words made with the anvil in the plot, words that supposedly were already reported by GeoBilder before I arrived that plot. But I don't really know if the reason of the ban was that or the clock, because it said "Inappropiate Builds" and because doing something that could lag the server, isn't an explicitly stated rule here, and, by the words of Diafire, "it generally falls under Tier IV rules (ie Inappropiate Builds & Griefing)". I asked him if it would be considered as a Tier IV punishment, and he said "If it had the ability to lag the server and/or looked like it was built with the intent to in any circumstance, yes". So...

It had the ability to lag the server? In the first case, maybe, but we didn't have any warning at that moment. After my clock, it couldn't do extreme lag to my computer (that just can arrive 60 fps in the void), so i suppose that couldn't lag the server, but i don't really know.

Looked like it was built with the intent to lag the server? idk, but it wasn't for that, and the Tier IV description doesn't say that is for something that looks as a malicious action, it says that include the actions made with malicious intention. So I try to get is one of that 2 logical options:

1º No Ban because after the warning i tried to stop the lag that the machine could do.

2º Tier III ban, because it could (Tier III says "can", not "could", but it doesn't really matter for this option) "ruin the gameplay for other users". So not 7 days ban, just 1.

Any proof to prove my innocence:

All the people mentioned in this appelation could corroborate the part of the story where they appear, and I didn't do anything at any moment without other players looking. To sum up, the people I mentioned here are:

(here I say what they could prove if they were asked)

GeoBilder: the anvil building was already built and reported when I arrived
Ellegant and Zeynah: Zeynah said me to go to that plot to see something funny
Zeynah: Zeynah invited the people in general to come and then specifically, aaDantsi and DinoLuci, and the only think I built was the hopper clock (and could corroborate most of the irrelevant things I wrote here)
Zeynah, aaDantsi and DinoLuci: aaDantsi and DinoLuci wasn't all the time, but just saw me building the hopper clock that did the machine slower.
DinoLuci: I didn't know what was the reason for the ban after it happened and i asked her. DinoLuci said me to read the rules and when I didn't find what I was thinking said me to ask Diafire.
Diafire: all the things that I said that he answered me, are real.

+Server rules at

I don't know if this appelation will help my singular case, but I hope that it could help to other bans in the future made by redstone clocks, or who knows, maybe that reason magically appears one day on the rules thanks to this.

PD: 25 tokens for 30min of World Edit? U wish
Posted Jul 20, 18 · OP

Thanks for making an appeal this complete and following the format. Big thanks for that. I forwarded this appeal to admins so they will respond when they have decided what to do. Stay tuned.

Posted Jul 20, 18
Total4Tune aBOT
Unbanned, please do not repeat the same mistake.
Total4Tune | Part time weird ass Administrator on MCpvpmasters Network
Posted Jul 20, 18
AaDantsi SR.MOD
I did not know you were involved with Zeynah i am truelly sorry. But please do not do such as this thing next time

~ AaDantsi ~
Dantsi is my name. Bowspam is my game :p
Posted Jul 21, 18
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