Ban Appeal

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Your Username:

Punished by (Leave blank if unknown):

Gamemode you are banned from:
I wasn't playing

Punishment reason:

Punishment date:

Why you should be unbanned:
Because I never actually played in this server at least I do not remember doing so
I heard about this server literally today by a friend, so I tried to join and it said "You are Blacklisted" and I most likely do not hack or do anything bad... anyway it's your choice I just thought I'd appeal and play on server

Any proof to prove yourself innocent (screenshots / recordings):
No. As I said I wasn't even on the server I don't remember even going on it.
I just wanted to play with my friend. If not well thank you for reading this far have a nice day
Posted Jul 20, 18 · OP · Last edited Jul 20, 18
Hey Kinglisi,

I can't find any punish history or active punishment on the account Kinglisi. According to what I see it never joined the server. Can you please DM me on Discord so we can resolve this. My Discord: Restriction_#8713.


= Thread closed // Appeal forwarded to Discord DM =
Posted Jul 20, 18
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