Muted on Creative

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Your Username: HunterD123

Punished by (Leave blank if unknown): CraftedTNT

Gamemode you are banned from: Creative

Punishment reason: Inappropriate Content

Punishment date: Friday, August 10 (2018) around 4PM US Eastern Time Zone

Why you should be unbanned: Well to start this all off I am going to quote some things. "Me/HunterD123:
Restriction_ Looking over the proof again she in no way directed my name in any way. Not telling me to stop, if you are going to keep me muted for my comments then there are a few in that chat that did the exact same." to which he responded "
Restriction_: Kay this is my last response. Be grateful she even gave you a chance to stop with giving a global warning. I would have just muted instantly. So your mute stays. And as I said appeal at our forums and the discussuion here is closed. Going on with the discussion will result in a Discord punishment" In which he does not state anything on the fact that there were other players who were saying the exact same things and will most likely not get in trouble at all. No that a little part of that is out of the way I would like to start off by saying that this Mute is complete bull and that it claims a Tier 2 Punishment as "Inappropriate Content" which is somewhat true on factors, I did indeed say the word "porn" but nothing other than that can be distinguished as Inappropriate. Besides this factor there is also the point that she did not in any way shape or form warn me or warn others in the chat, all she said was "Stop it" and "Final Warning" which is hard to tell if she was just saying it to someone near him in-game messing around or if someone was talking to her? It is extremely hard to tell by how she had communicated with me and the players in chat which may I say again were not warning or muted in any way shape or form for saying the exact phrases I did. I only believe this Mute is unfair for the point that I was in no way addressed about the subject until after the mute without warning, and by a entirely different staff member.

Any proof to prove yourself innocent (screenshots / recordings): < The warnings she gave off
Posted Aug 10, 18 · OP
Hello HunterD123,

Okay first of all, you know that you shouldn't be talking about that kind of stuffs on public chat. I know you know it 'cause you were once a staff on this server. Second of all, I think with that 2 warnings that CraftedTNT gave is enough for you to understand that you're doing something wrong. She doesn't need to be specific about that, if a staff said stop or anything on public chat you should be aware and checking yourself if you're violating a rule. Third of all, in the evidence that you gave, you're kinda just showing us that you really violated a rule and that makes the appeal pointless at all. Also, why would you appeal on a 24 hour mute on Creative? It's not much of a big deal, but hey who am I to judge. Well I appreciate for at least trying to appeal, I hope you've learned your lesson. Have a good day!
Posted Aug 11, 18
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