False warn?

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Your Username: TalTheOne

Punished by: Naal13

Gamemode you are warned in: Creative

Punishment reason: Disrespect

Punishment date: 8/25/2018

Why you should be unwarned: So I were at creative saying "fuck you" as always, This is the first time i'm getting warned for saying "fuck you" and obviesly I were joking.
Anyways I assume the warn is false because I saw many players and staffs saying "fuck you" i didn't say it to anyone and didn't mean to disrespect (Not that I did disrespect.)
I can provide pictures of staffs saying "fuck you" if needed.
Any proof to prove yourself innocent (screenshots / recordings):

Thanks, Tal.
Posted Aug 25, 18 · OP · Last edited Aug 25, 18
Dear TalTheOne,

Warnings and punishments under 3 days of lenght cannot be appealed. If you really think it's a false warn and Naal abused, then you can make a ticket @ our Discord or here on the site.

Yours sincerely,


= Thread closed // Appeal denied =
Posted Aug 28, 18
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