Banned For hacks

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Your Username: snowball1 punished by (Leave blank if unkown) Thorney15 Gamemode you are banned on: The whole server Punishment reason:Hacking Punishment date: 9/16/2018. Why you think you should be unbanned: I think i should be unbanned because i do not hack and i have been screenshared multiple times on the server also i just got this new pc so im not downloading any hacks or anything like that, and i know hacking is wrong i actually get really frustrated whenever someone hacks. And im even a staff on a different server, just incase u wanna check in on me the server name is (thecoldnetwork) ive been banned for hacks before but all those times i did get banned i wasnt screenshared, i am one of the first people to play on this server also so i have been here since day 1..... thank you for your time and have a good day
Posted Sep 16, 18 · OP
DinoDia aADMIN

Unfortunately, this appeal has been denied due to insufficient evidence to prove innocence.

~ Diafire/DinoDia

~ Thread Locked - Appeal Denied
~ Dia

Retired Admin | @DiafireX
Posted Sep 22, 18
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