Evidence? (Quitting)

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Your Username: snowball1 punished by (Leave blank if unkown) Thorney15 Gamemode you are banned on: The whole server Punishment reason:Hacking Punishment date: 9/16/2018. Why you think you should be unbanned:
Honestly i dont wanna play this server anymore because its just irritating that every thread i make diafire just declines it and says theres evidence but theres rlly not (oof), and plus main reason why im leaving is because im becoming a staff on (Cold Network) so i dont really wanna waste my time on servers were the staff dont want me on.... (But the members do)

Staff who see this can u tell Mattboss and Teamer that im leaving since i cant get on...🙂
Honestly the members and the community didnt ruin this server it was the staff banning people for no reason
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DinoDia aADMIN

Thank you for taking the time to write an appeal. Now as to address it:

Your initial ban/blacklist was completely justified. There was plentiful evidence against you to provide that blacklist, in addition to the countless number of other accounts you had banned for cheating. As for your complaint that there "isn't any evidence", there was at the time that the punishment was issued against you; however, as our staff policy dictates, we do not have to hold evidence for longer than a week from the punishment.
You were unbanned due to an error and had a chance to stay that way. Unfortunately, you were re-banned, and due to your history, I am inclined to believe you were continuing your behavior from before. The fact that you were blacklisted from the network prior to this doesn't help your case either.

Rules are put in place to be followed. You've had many chances before the blacklist as well.

Feel free to forward this to the Cold Network administration, and send them my regards,
~ Diafire / DinoDia

~ Thread Locked - Appeal Denied
~ Dia

Retired Admin | @DiafireX
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