gewoontoon - banned for unfair advantage

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Your Username: gewoontoon

Punished by (Leave blank if unknown): console

Gamemode you are banned from: kitpvp

Punishment reason:

Punishment date: 8-10-2018

Why you should be unbanned:
I was not cheating on the server, nor have I ever cheated on the network. I was playing completely legit with no unfair advantage.

Any proof to prove yourself innocent (screenshots / recordings): ,
The problem with using badlion client is that it does not leave any logs to prove that I actually was on badlion client, what I show is that I used my "normal" mincraft over a week ago:
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I will also send the staff member responsible for my ban appeal a little clip of me playing kitpvp on the same day I got banned(this was in the afternoon, I got banned in the evening), I can not send this at the moment because it would take some time to render and upload and I dont have the time right now.
If you want me to do anything to prove that im legit send me a pm on discord: my tag is Toon#6268.

Also sorry if this post looks really rushed. I got banned 10 minutes before I had to go to bed and this is what I could write in that amount of time.

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Total4Tune aBOT

My bad, I was in a rush when I was working on the anticheat and left an experimental check on by accident.

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