Unfair Ban (Also fine if denied)

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Username: ThomasPlaysMC02

Punished by: Restriction_

Punishment Reason: Unfair Advantage (Specifically Killauta)

Punishment Date: 10-21-18 About 3:18 I think

Why: I like playing on your server and keep voting to keep your lovely server alive and wealthy as it deserves to be.

No I do not have proof because, I was Afk watching YouTube on happy dogs, Music which sounds good, Kpop (Korean pop) and I think that’s it. I can have unessessary Links to them if your interested to watch or listen. Thank you for reading this appeal.
Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love HD 720p (best quality)
music video Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love
HYUNA - 'Bubble Pop!' (Official Music Video)
Official Music Video for HYUNA's 'Bubble Pop!' 현아의 두 번째 솔로 프로젝트 신나는 댄스,중독성 있는 가사와 멜로디가 한 번 들으면 잊혀지지 않는 힘! 또한 일본 오키나와의 아름다운 풍경과 현아의 퍼포먼스가 매력적인 뮤직비디오~ 확인해주세요 ♪ HYUNAのソロープロジェクト! やみつきになるHYUNAのBubble Pop! また沖縄の美しい風景と「HYUNA」のPerformanceが 魅力的なミュージックビデオを 是非ご覧ください♪ Hyuna's second surprise Bubble Pop!
Pharrell - Happy (Puppy & Doggy Version)
SHARE if your dog makes you happy! Subscribe to The Pet Collective: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Pinterest: Google+: Pharrell's Happy is even more happy with dogs!!!
Posted Oct 21, 18 · OP
DinoDia aADMIN

Due to the person who reported you having forged evidence, you have been unbanned. I apologize for the punishment in the first place. The player has since been blacklisted from the network.

~ Diafire/DinoDia

~ Thread Locked - Appeal Accepted
~ Dia

Retired Admin | @DiafireX
Posted Oct 22, 18
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