Mcdonalds new McFluffyButtNugget Banned

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Your Username: FluffyButtNugget

Punished by (Leave blank if unknown): CraftedTNT

Gamemode you are banned from: Skypvp

Punishment reason: Unfair Advantage (probs reach)

Punishment date: 25/11/2018

Why you should be unbanned: First no screenshares Second Crafted probably didn't recognize it was me Third can I see the proof plox <3

Any proof to prove yourself innocent (screenshots / recordings):
Note: The Ban screen is DIFFERENT from when you were just banned and when you are logging back on! If you were unfairly banned: start recording on the ban screen, then go to a single player world, record you going through your options, show us your F3, and go through your .minecraft folder.
If you would like a recording when I was on a the ban screen dm me on discord at bell#7571

Important: When posting a YouTube link or screenshots, you won't be able to put the link directly on your thread. For YT links, there is a button found in the editor when making your thread (it's in the shape of the YouTube logo. For images, use the image bbcode, found right next to the YT button. You can use an image hosting site such as Imgur and Gyazo.

Also if you do not have valid proof to defend yourself, don't bother writing an appeal as it will get denied. Either wait out the ban or purchase an unban at Click Here.
Posted Nov 25, 18 · OP
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Posted Nov 28, 18
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