Ban Appeal

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Your Username: Daaniiel

Punished by (Leave blank if unknown): Console (Purple_Shift SS me)

Gamemode you are banned from: Skypvp

Punishment reason: Unfair Advantage [T5] [SS-R]

Punishment date: 21/11/2018

Why you should be unbanned: I apologize for doing that quick 360 i didn't know this thing was bannable i guess, And i would be unbanned because this is my only server that i play in and i like it more than other servers.

Any proof to prove yourself innocent (screenshots / recordings):
I had no proof that why i got a permanent ban and i didn't know that i was going to get "banned"

That's it staff, Thank you for reading this appeal, And i apologize for it.

Best Regards,

Posted Nov 27, 18 · OP · Last edited Nov 27, 18
Total4Tune aBOT
You were banned for logging off when frozen, not because you were doing "quick 360s"

Unless you have sufficient evidence to prove us wrong, this appeal will be denied.
Total4Tune | Part time weird ass Administrator on MCpvpmasters Network
Posted Nov 28, 18
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