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Welcome everyone!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Yes, that's right, this time the Building Contest will be all about these cherished holidays. It's the season to be creative! Time to surprise judges with a little gift - your amazing build skills!
Important Notice: There is a little twist however, so make sure you read all the information provided below.

Gamemode: Creative

Theme: A Christmas New Year Tale

Duration: 2 weeks, starting Monday 17 December 2018 (12 am UTC / GMT) and ending on 2 January 2019 (12 am UTC / GMT)

Twist: In this Building Contest we want you to feature both Christmas and New Year in your builds. We don't want you to only focus on one or the other. An example would be: Building most of your build in the Christmas theme, and then adding a calendar showing the New Year theme on it. So it comes down to this: You must have at least one thing that represents both these in your build.
Extra information and Rules:

-No worldedit usage is allowed to keep it fair to everyone who does not have this tool.(edited)
-A build may only be built by one person, and no help is allowed other than granting someone ideas for builds. However participants may not copy ideas from other participants.(edited)
-This contest is once again open to all Members and Staff, excluding members of the Build Team and Administrators.
-Any amount of plots may be used for this contest, but you will NOT get any extra points for how big your build is. We will judge a big plot as one normal plot. Also remember to keep the allocated time in mind - don't go too big if you can't finish it
.-If you are unsure about anything, please message @CraftedTNT#1018 on discord, or in game.

-Post your builds as a comment to this thread in the format provided below
Name: (Your in-game name)
Plot: (The number of your plot)
Information: (Some information about your build)
Screenshot: (A screenshot of you showing the /plot info)(If you want to, you can also send the screenshot to me on Discord in a DM)
-Some things you should take notice of while building:
- Is my build creative, or did I only build stereotypical things?
- Did I use my space well?

First Place:
-8 free plots on Creative
-An Exclusive Tag for the Christmas / New Year Building Contest
-A rank upgrade - Member -> Premium, Premium -> Premium+
-Notice: If you already have Premium+ on Creative, you are free to give the rank to another player on the Creative server. If this is the case, please inform us of your decision.
Second Place:

-4 free plots on Creative
-A tag upgrade from our Tag Submissions on Creative - Member -> Experienced, Experienced -> Skilled, etc. (if you don't know what these are, check out )christmas-tree-border_1545082318.png
Third Place:
-2 free plots on Creative
Also note: ALL participants of this contest may request Building Advice from CraftedTNT AFTER the contest has ended and the results have been announced. This will only be for available for 1 week after the results has been announced, and is optional. The date of the closing of this, will be included with the results.
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Indeed! Marry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone As you already know I'm participating but by this post im making it all official and stuff😀Plot: /plotme h PhotoBook 14 (29:-33)Info: This plot is all built around the christmas tree in the middle, from there I've built around it. The whole plot is in the theme of Christmas and Newyear in a city.Thoughts: I think that the build turned out just fine, personally I would have liked to make the build with a 4x4 plot but time and motivation was not there D: maybe another in the next one :-). As I said this build turned out around where I wanted it. ( always room for alot of improvement ) But I think I've done my best on the build and im glad its done (altho I would love to make more of these kinda plots)SS1: to everyone! And again Merry (Late) Christmas and a happy NEWYEAARR Much love,PhotoBook
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Hi! A bit late but Cerry Mristmas! And hopefuly you have a nice day in 2019!

I have my plot ready for a while now but I kinda forgot to make a comment here about it xD Sorry here it is.

IGN: ArihWasTaken

PLOT: -5: 35

INFO: I decided to make a "half-half" plot about the 2 themes where I've focused on making a village for different people from different countries where they could have fun without worrying about racism of any kind. I wanted to make something cheerful and happy because these holidays are exactly that, they are fun and colorful and noisy but we all love them! On the new year part I was sort of stuck on what to make, I didnt want some words randomly floating in the air, so after a bit of research I've realized I could make any new year, so I decided to make a new year chinese dragon build. It was my first time making one and I had plenty of fun. Did some terraforming to make the plot more interesting but I still many ways to go on that subject.


SELF COMMENT: I think I've done the correct choice on my decisions and how I wanted to make this plot, I feel I've used the space correctly, but I also feel like I can learn many things, which is the only reason I apply for this contest, to make stuff and compare it with others so I can improve my own builds. I use the same technique when I'm drawing and it works perfectly!

Thanks for the opportunity, It's been an amazing experience here in the server. I've met many people that build really nice and learned stuff from them.

Best Wishes

Posted Dec 30, 18
Merry Late Christmas and New Year! ~JaytheGamer208
Sorry That this is a Little late :p

PLOT:-34;16 (plot h JaytheGamer208)

INFORMATION: I Decided that i wanted to Replace the Floor With Snow and make One side more of a Christmas theme and another side for Other Religions.These two Sides are linked with gates and that represent the holiday colors.When Arih reminded me about the New Years Part,I was clueless about what i should do so i took a took an idea from Arih(:p) And Chose to make a suitcase to represent Columbia because they run around the block with suitcases to make sure the Next Year an Adventurous one.After that,I added a few details and Finished it.

SCREENSHOT:Sending on Discord.

MY THOUGHTS: I think the Plot looks nice but It looks Kind of Unorganized Because of a few things. I feel like if i put a little More time into My Build it Could Have improved it.I still feel like i have learned a lot of techniques and things that could definitely help in future builds.

Posted Jan 2, 19
mons47 JR.MOD
Happy New Year And hope you like it :3

I'll hurry with this:
IGN: mons47
Plot: Forgot the ID cause i cant really check my plot at the moment :(
its /plot h mons47 7 (7th plot of mine)
Info: I did about snow, pixel arts, a map and about your twist, you need to take a look yourselfe :)

I am apologizing that i did this thread soooo bad cause i need to do something by this moment..

about my screenshots i had no time but if you want ask me for a small DM

Apologizing again and hope I did something useful.

Posted Jan 2, 19
Purple_Shift JR.MOD
Happy New Year
Name: Purple_Shift
ID: /plot h Purple_Shift or -36:-14
Info: My plot is a very snowy plot with some pixel art candy canes which are the exact opposite of the each other. A very big Christmas present in the middle. And the big building in the back is the Shell Building in Southbank London which the New Year countdown in England was projected on which is why I have the the giant 0:0.
Plot Info: Dm'd in discord.
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It is the last day :d,

I Really wish everyone who is participating alot of luck during the judging,
I hope ya'll had alot of fun building. I certainly did its been a fun (long) experience once again.

Much Love
Posted Jan 3, 19
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