Killenex10 your boi's appeal

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Your Username: KIllenex10.
Punished By: ProBoss19.
Gamemode you are punished from: Hub, IP Blacklist.
Punishment Reason: DDoS Threats in discord DM'S. Punishment Date: 21/12/2018 (Today).
Why your punishment should be removed: I did threat to DDoS Someone, As it was not related to the server. It was a member from the server. Even in the DDoS threat reason wasn't related too. I think, that my punish should come from discord and from the server itself. DDoS Threats are not allowed on discord and will result on account deletion, but I don't see how it is related to the server. If I cannot get unbanned, I wish to get incessant ban, so LegendSwords could play. He has no connection to this.
Any proof to prove yourself innocent?:
Yeah, I mean I don't have screenshots but you guys can read messages players sent.
Like vertex kept saying can you DDoS Elizzer for me and shit you can check his logs I don't know his full name though.
Posted Dec 21, 18 · OP
DinoDia aADMIN

You're welcome to report the other players if you believe they have broken rules though.

~ Thread Locked - Appeal Denied
~ Dia

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Posted Dec 24, 18
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