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Hello i just wanted to say how awesome is to do all these /is upgrades in skyblock.. Oh w8 we cant it takes our money and we have to w8 for staff to come online to make them real..thats really nice that we buy somehing and w8 when admin comes back from vacation so we can play.. And you guys are wondering why server is dead i think there is no need to look far there are ton of glitches unfinished jobs, server crashes 4 times a day.. Normal huh I still remember good old days whe there was 100+ people online when premium was op not like now no /day /sun /invsee/. Now skyblock play 8 people funny isn't it. Mby take out gamemodes that this server dont need everyone mostly play kit pvp skyblock and creative all other are are useless... Dont hide from problems FIX them or else server will die...
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ye atleast when you guys remove a command don't forget to delete it from the store it still says that premium/premium+ got /invsee.... for the staff if you can't find it here's the link🙂
warp bulkshop is removed , /day is removed why not replace another commands/stuff? what do we have left???????!
and for skyblock the situation isn't accepted there's no kits for unranked people its not hardcore skyblock server
and for premium ranked people there's no point of ranking up since we got the permissions and they removed skymaster's kit not wasting 150mil for /fly i already got.....
and may i ask why the hoppers are limited? whos idea is it? and can you guys explain it for us please?
i wanted to report more issues but right now factions , prison and skypvp are down
Dear Haters
I have so much more for you to be mad at
Just be patient........
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DinoDia aADMIN
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I see there's quite a bit of displeasure with the current state of Skyblock and the network in general. I appreciate that you two have taken the time to bring your concerns to our attention. I'll try to respond to everything addressed as best as I can.

Skyblock Issues/Concerns

Island Upgrades

This is an issue that will most likely be patched within a day of me posting this, and we're sorry for the time it took to fix it. We were unsure of the root cause for quite a while, but we later found it upon further review of our setup.

Ranks and Kits

This is something I find hard to see eye to eye on. This is one of the changes I personally voted for and was pretty much agreed upon between the developers as we were planning out the revamp. Previously, ranks were relatively meaningless until you got to the higher ones. What I mean by this is that the first ten or so ranks were extremely easy to achieve and were hence meaningless. I understand it serves as a form of gratification after reaching a goal such as ranking up, but in the end nothing is really achieved for your gameplay. Due to this, the alternative option was to have a smaller set of ranks, but each one reflected island progress. In addition to that, it made chat a lot cleaner (however this was not our primary intention when creating it).
The other half of this has to do with the decision to exclude per rank kits. While this was not my first choice, I see why it was done and also support it. I'm willing to go out on a limb and say about 80% of the kits from last season and seasons prior to that were worthless. Many of them gave you stacks upon stacks of XP bottles that did nothing but take up space. Most of the time, players didn't need the items given, hence the choice to remove per-rank kits. However, that doesn't mean we removed the perks of ranking up. To my knowledge (without looking in game at the moment), each rank has at least one good perk that would help a player when they reach said rank. There's a list of these in the /help Skyblock menu and on a board in spawn.

Premium Perks

To address your concern over the removal of /day /night etc, the command was simply changed. You can still change your own personal time with the command /ptime (day/night/other). The same goes for the weather commands: /pweather (sun/rain/other).
We do see the issue in how outdated our Buycraft packages are, and we are looking into getting them updated as soon as possible. There are quite a few errors as the packages reflect older seasons instead of the current one.

Network Issues/Concerns

Remove old gamemodes

We have actually been planning to do this for quite some time now and will hopefully get to it soon. We would much rather focus on a smaller group of servers than a ton that don't get players.

Fix issues & don't hide from them

I believe I've addressed this in the past, but I understand the frustration. Development power isn't an unlimited supply contrary to popular belief.
The best way I can paraphrase it is in the words of Total, "
I know myself as a person and us as a team was nowhere close perfection, but I would have to say we tried our best. We are busy people, our average age is 18 and Minecraft isn't the only thing we have in mind. "
Time just isn't something we have on our hands anymore. To put it in perspective, I spent about 4-5 hours on the server today as I'm on break, but in the time period I was only able to tend to a small handful of issues. Things like patching bypasses are extremely tedious and require patience + time. With the limited playerbase we have, it's also not easy to pull in new developers to ease the burden.

How you all can help

It is imperative to any good game that the community involves itself with the updates as they move forward. We as administrators/developers absolutely need you guys to do things like this and post feedback for us to know what the community wants. A large portion of the time, we have to guess what worked and what didn't (especially in gamemodes that we don't play often) and the ideas are met by a lot of criticism. I highly recommend posting ideas/feedback here on the forums and telling staff members so that they can forward them to us.
I'd also like to mention that negativity is a huge cause in a lack of motivation for anyone. Writing rant threads doesn't offer much help other than expressing displeasure. We need constructive criticism as that is what gives us something to go off of. We may know something you don't like, but we don't know what you want it changed to. Politeness also makes us more inclined to take your ideas seriously.

I'd love to start a healthy discussion about how we can make this network better,
~ Dia
~ Dia

Retired Admin | @DiafireX
Posted Dec 31, 18
Sup boys,

Dia. The players don't really care about the /p... commands. Interest in /day has to do with mob spawns, and /weather helps with fps and strain. People feel the rank kits are important because it's a way for the non-premium players to catch up to those who have a significant head start. While many people felt that the kits were a little redundant and full, they enjoyed having that extra boost when ranking up. Gameplay wise, there's no real reason for people to rank up past 3 now, since the only command we need that's not 150mil is /condense. Maybe a better solution to rank kits would be changing them to a few useful items, instead of the random blocks and bottles. People enjoyed the spawners quite a bit in the later ranks. Maybe something like this:
1: No kit. (member is already there).
2: Pig spawner and 16 gold blocks. (48 hrs)
3: Cow spawner. (48 hrs)
4: Prot IV set with decent tools. (72 hrs)
5: Blaze spawner. (72 hrs)
6: Squid spawner. (72 hrs)
7. Iron Golem spawner. (72 hrs) (I know it sounds a little crazy maybe but its 150 million...)
And like the donor kits, when you upgrade rank the previous kits go away. Also, I squid spawners cost more in the store but blaze spawners are much more sought after so those should maybe be reversed and a price reduction for squid? The numbers could be fiddled with for economic reasons, but I'm too lazy to do math right now. Maybe blocks could be added or removed to help (people always appreciate those)? Loving the work you guys do.

I know. I don't play here anymore. Who am I to make suggestions? lol
Edit: As a veteran ghast farmer speaking, there's literally no point to having ghasts in the game if we each have access to one ghast spawner and they can't go in the overworld. Its a waste.
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This is the least of our problems on the Server They are making it more efficent for Peapole who "paytowin" or donators In game kits in skyblock are mad shit as atlas described how the kits should be and take a look at the last vipe of skyblock this is not the issue


We have plans to change the donor rank system by making it global instead of server-based. This means if you purchase a package from our webstore (once converted to global packages, we will let you know), you will receive your rank on all of our servers (currently Factions / Skyblock / Creative / Skypvp / Kitpvp / Survival).

But what about the previous donors?
Users that have a rank on ALL gamemodes OR Users that have purchased a global rank will have their rank upgraded to our new global package.
Users that have a rank on ONE gamemode or Users that have ranks on SOME gamemodes, but not all will receive a 3 month (90day) subscription of their current rank.

For example, if you currently have a Premium rank on Skyblock and Kitpvp, you will receive a 3 month (90day) global premium package.
For users who have donor ranks on 3 or more different servers may receive an upgrade, however this is TBD.

Currently our plan is to offer subscription type Global Packages + Lifetime Packages on our webstore.
Subscription durations will vary between 1 month (30d) - 6 months (180d) + Lifetime, with affordable prices.
Prices will be decided soon by Thorney15. Currently no one has knowledge about the new pricing so please do not ask what the price will be. We don't know yet, but it'll be affordable.

Global Premium is available for £35 (GBP)
but it won't last for long. Should you purchase this now, you will receive our new global package after the rank system rework.
Please read the announcement above this one if you're interested. If you have any questions, feel free to open a ticket or ask an Administrator on #general.

Bear in mind this is a plan, although chances of it happening is more than likely, there are chances that it won't happen or happen in a different fashion if we bump into any technical difficulties.

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